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Meet Jenna


Jenna Matthews


Licensed Professional Counselor

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) holding Master’s degrees in Community Counseling and Child & Adolescent Psychology.

I am a person-centered and strengths-based therapist, utilizing trauma-informed and solution-focused perspectives in my work.

I am a Madison native and I love the Capitol City. In my free time, I am an avid reader and a novice artist, dabbling in photography, painting, and mixed-media work. I love spending time with my family and a small menagerie of pets, and enjoy volunteering for animal welfare organizations.

Cherry Tree

Therapeutic Orientation

Trained as a crisis counselor, I learned to meet my clients where they are. Be it roadside, in a school, in a hospital, in a jail, or in the office, respect for the person is of critical importance to me. It is the cornerstone of my professional practice.

No one is perfect. It is important to recognize that, as human beings, we all struggle from time to time. No one should need to carry this weight alone. I am here for you. My job is to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment in which to share, process, and heal. 

I strive to include my clients in the treatment planning process. Together, we will identify the areas that are important for you to explore, to reflect upon, and to learn from. I believe that peace is attainable, and we will work together to achieve this for you.

>> View my areas of focus here.

Image by Annie Spratt

We're all just walking each
other home.

Ram Dass

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